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Function: llAddToLandPassList

llAddToLandPassList(key id, float hours)

Add a person to the allowed residents list ("white list") of the parcel, either temporarily or permanently.

Sleeps the script for 0.1 seconds.



The key of the avatar to allow access to.


A float with the number of hours the access allowance will last, or zero to be added permanently to the allowed avatars list.


  • Sleeps the script for 0.1 seconds.
  • When the addition is not permanent, the maximum time that can be specified is 144 hours (6 days). If more than 144 hours are specified, 144 will be used.
  • Only scripts in objects owned by the land owner can use this function.

Short examples

// Permanently add Doug Linden, whose key is a2e76fcd-9360-4f6d-a924-000000000001,
// to the access allowance list
llAddToLandPassList("a2e76fcd-9360-4f6d-a924-000000000001", 0);
// Allow access to Philip Linden for 6 days (144 hours)
llAddToLandPassList("a2e76fcd-9360-4f6d-a924-000000000003", 9999);

Complete examples

This script scans for avatars every hour, and allows half an hour of access to a random avatar that is within 60 metres of the object:

        llSensorRepeat("", "", AGENT, 60, PI, 3600);

    sensor(integer num)
        llAddToLandPassList(llDetectedKey((integer)llFrand(num)), 0.5);

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