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Function: llAngleBetween

float llAngleBetween(rotation r1, rotation r2)

Return the angle between two rotations.



The first rotation


The second rotation

Return value

Returns the angle between the two rotations.


  • Given two rotations r1 and r2, there is a third rotation that transforms one into the other, given by r2/r1. The angle this function returns is the angle of that last rotation. Therefore, it is roughly equivalent to llRot2Angle(r2/r1).

Short examples

llOwnerSay((string)(llAngleBetween(<0,0,1,0>, <0,1,0,0>)*RAD_TO_DEG)); // displays 180.000000

See also

  • llRotBetween Rotation between two vectors.
  • llRot2Angle obtains the angle part of a rotation expressed as axis/angle.
  • llRot2Axis obtains the axis part of a rotation expressed as axis/angle.
  • rotation type and operations.