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Function: llPlaySound

llPlaySound(string sound, float volume)

Play a sound once in the current prim.



A string with the sound name, or a UUID. If it is a sound name, it must exist in the inventory of the prim.


The volume from 0.0 (minimum) to 1.0 (max)


  • The playing sound will move with the prim (if the prim moves, so will the sound).
  • A prim can only have one sound at a time. If another sound starts playing, the currently playing sound or looped sound will stop, unless llSetSoundQueueing is set to TRUE.
    • Note that llTriggerSound and llTriggerSoundLimited start sounds that are not part of a prim, but are "dropped" where the prim is at the time of starting and become independent, and are therefore not subject to this limitation.
  • If the prim belongs to a HUD, the sound started by llPlaySound will be heard only by the wearer. To play sounds from a HUD that can be heard by people around, use llTriggerSound or llTriggerSoundLimited.
  • If the sound is a UUID, it doesn't need to be present in the prim.
  • If the name of a sound present in the prim's inventory matches the UUID of a different sound, the sound that will play is the one in the item, not the UUID.
  • If the name is not a UUID, and it is not present in the prim's inventory, or if an item with that name which is not a sound exists in the prim's inventory, an error will be privately said (20m range) to the owner in DEBUG_CHANNEL.

Short examples

// Looks for a sound named "Applause" in the prim's inventor
// playing it at full volume if it exists, or giving an error if not:
llPlaySound("Applause", 1.0);

// Plays a gunshot sound (unless a sound called 00000000-00 ... 0101
// already exists in the prim's inventory, in which case that sound
// will be played instead). The volume will be half the maximum.
llPlaySound("00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000101", 0.5);

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