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Function: llSetAlpha

llSetAlpha(float alpha, integer face)

Sets the opacity (also called alpha) of a face or all faces of the current prim.



A float value between 0.0 and 1.0 being the degree of opacity. 1.0 being fully opaque.


An integer value defining the face of the prim to be affected. ALL_SIDES affects all faces.


  • This function ONLY affects the prim the script is in. To change the alpha on another prim, use llSetLinkAlpha.
  • Note that the viewer shows transparency, not opacity, and it shows it in percentage. To convert from viewer transparency to an alpha value suitable for use with this function, use this formula: alpha=(100-transparency)/100. For example, a transparency of 35% is an alpha value of 0.65.

Short examples

llSetAlpha(0.5, ALL_SIDES); // will set all faces of the current prim to semi-opaque

Complete examples

        llSetAlpha(0.0, 2);  // Will make face 2 of this prim go transparent

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