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Function: llTakeControls

llTakeControls(integer controls, integer accept, integer pass_on)

Enables the user to use certain control keys or mouse button presses for interacting with a script.

Requires PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS permissions.



A bit mask of CONTROL_* constants


Whether to generate control events for the specified controls. TRUE = generate them; FALSE = don't generate them.


Whether the specified controls should still perform their normal functions (e.g. if CONTROL_FWD is among the controls to take, whether it still moves the avatar forward). TRUE = perform their normal functions too; FALSE = don't perform their normal functions. Note that a value of TRUE is not honoured for CONTROL_ML_LBUTTON


  • Even if pass_on is TRUE, when CONTROL_ML_LBUTTON is in the controls, mouse clicks are blocked while in mouselook (SVC-4973, SVC-7532, declared as expected behaviour).
  • While it's possible for two scripts in the same prim to take controls from two different users, that won't work as expected: there's no way to know the originator of the control. See the control event for more details.

Short examples

// Capture the forward control, but let it still move the avatar forward.
llTakeControls(CONTROL_FWD, TRUE, TRUE);

// Capture all controls that let the agent move (it can still move when pushed or falling)
              , TRUE, FALSE);

Complete examples

This example will report presses of the UP and DOWN controls in chat, after permissions are granted.

        llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS);

    run_time_permissions(integer perms)
        if (perms & PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS)
            llTakeControls(CONTROL_UP | CONTROL_DOWN, TRUE, TRUE);

    controls(key avatar, integer level, integer edge)
        if (level & edge & CONTROL_UP)
            llOwnerSay("UP pressed");
        if (~level & edge & CONTROL_UP)
            llOwnerSay("UP released");
        if (level & edge & CONTROL_DOWN)
            llOwnerSay("DOWN pressed");
        if (~level & edge & CONTROL_DOWN)
            llOwnerSay("DOWN released");

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